Techoil Wholesale & Rack Marketing – Power to Meet Today’s Petroleum Trader & Wholesaler Challenges

Margins threatened

Today’s Wholesalers face fast paced markets with volatile price changes, tight supply and a challenging transportation market. These markets demand fast action, making it essential that firms have up to the minute information on their customers, suppliers and inventory.

Without the latest information firms’ margins, profitability and cash flow is at risk from issues such as last minute balancing, driver shortages, and credit problems.

Match Today’s Fast Pace Markets with Today’s Technology - Techoil

To succeed in today’s markets, traders and wholesalers need a fast and effective platform that delivers the information needed to stay a step ahead of prices and volumes and prevent operational errors and costly delays.

Techoil Wholesale & Rack Marketing from Inatech delivers these benefits and more

  • It automates price, inventory and terminal operations providing the real-time data analytics, traders and wholesalers need to make faster, informed buying decisions.
  • It integrates with the wholesale industry to streamline information flow for immediate consumption and creates operational workflows to reduce errors and manage finance.
  • At its core Techoil is a modular, integrated, end to end system with applications covering Trade, Operations, Hedging and Risk Management, Inventory, Reconciliation, Analytics and Financial Accounting.
  • Unlike other ETRM solutions it includes specialist rack marketing functionality. Providing insight through Market Price Dashboards; Inventory and BoL Reconciliation; OPIS and DTN Supplier Price Feeds; Pipeline, Rack and Inventory Scheduling; Credit Products and Contract Management. All essential to managing a fuel wholesalers’ business and preventing costly errors, delays and payment failures.
  • Techoil is cloud-based. This means it can be deployed quickly and efficiently to replace existing costly to operate, dated, disparate and manual systems. It reduces capex and is scalable and adaptable.

Techoil provides the latest tools for senior management through to IT

Techoil delivers the business critical information to the right people at the right time.

Senior management – by deploying Techoil protect margins, grow profitability.

  • Business process redesign - improve efficiency, cash flow and profitability.
  • Advanced analytics – make fast, informed buying decisions, react immediately to fuel price volatility
  • Cloud technology – free up working capital.
  • Inbuilt best practices/ workflows - ensure regulatory compliance and minimize operational risk.
  • Credit line visibility across bank accounts and counterparties – minimize missed payments and exposure to bankruptcies.

Commercial operations – by deploying Techoil master market volatility.

  • Delivers real-time views of the company’s P&L, inventory position and price – achieve price transparency, set accurate rack prices and protect margins.
  • Optimized supply chain – Know where your product is stored, where it is needed and have an accurate view of all logistics options and costs.
  • Reconcile trades in real-time.

IT – by deploying Techoil lower costs and improve operational efficiency.

  • Cloud delivers faster implementations and scalability.
  • Streamlined operations – increase efficiency, reduce costs.


Techoil’s functionality enables better buying and selling



  • Exchange For Physical
  • Trade list tool
  • Market Prices dashboard
  • Opening exposure
  • End of Day Exposure and P&L

Rack Marketing

  • Automated posting to OPIS of wholesale terminal prices for gasoline, diesel and other products at your own and third-party operated terminals
  • Automated publishing of rack product prices to your customers mailing list
  • Easy comparison with OPIS benchmark prices to set your final price as a differential to market price

Inventory and Bill Of Lading reconciliation

  • Three-way matching process between orders, physical inventory, and order receipts (BoLs)
  • Automated nightly reconciliation to send invoices to customers the morning after load completion
  • Automated system capturing of pure rack transactions together with spot and contracts rack orders

Sales contracts management

  • Single and multi-sites end customers management
  • Daily lifting from purchase contracts according to monthly lifting constraints
  • Detailed reporting on remaining balance

Credit products

  • RIN
  • LCFS
  • CAP and TRADE


  • OPIS feed
  • DTN supplier prices feed
  • Terminal movement report


  • Operations (Supply/Logistics) Dashboard
  • Pipeline scheduling
  • Rack scheduling
  • Tank scheduling


  • Hedging your exposure by position, strategy or trade
  • Measure hedge effectiveness on a daily basis

Techoil – the smart solution to today’s fast pace markets

Managing volatile price changes, tight supply and a challenging transportation market needs up to the minute customer, supplier and inventory information.

Techoil, Inatech’s next generation ETRM and Rack Marketing solution – makes that possible, while also protecting margins, maintaining profitability and giving traders and wholesalers the tools needed to operate successfully in today’s fast pace fuel wholesale market.