Preparation complete then the next step is implementation. At Inatech we pride ourselves on delivering projects on time, on budget and with agreed statement of works. We do this through our professional services team and by adopting our own proven 4D project management methodology.

Implementation Services


When we are implementing your software, you can be assured you will receive the highest quality of service.

Our implementation services include:
  • Fast and efficient implementation of all Inatech products using Inatech’s unique 4D project management methodology, which encompasses resilience and agility.
  • Post Go-live support
  • A smooth transition to Managed Services
  • Access to in depth product and cloud expertise including a thorough understanding of the challenges and issues faced when migrating applications into the cloud

Inatech’s 4D Project Management Methodology


During the discover stage of the project, the entire team works together to create a shared vision of the project. This includes identifying and analysing market expectations, identifying specific product needs, business goals, target audience and end user expectations. This is the time to mix creative brainstorming, and business understanding together, keeping in mind the realities of a project’s budget, timeline and technical parameters.


With detailed information gathered, we move on to design. This involves ensuring the products meet business use cases identified and prioritised.


The development phase of the project is when all of the vision, definition, design, and understanding of the project comes together. It’s a time when the architects, programmers and content experts work together to create workable, interactive prototypes of the final product.


The deployment of the product is possibly the most important aspect of the whole process. It is where the end users are involved. Here it is critical that the product is correctly installed, configured, and performing up to expectations. The effectiveness is ensured through well-defined delivery processes.

Integration services


Because no software product works in isolation, Inatech has developed a comprehensive range of integration services.

Standard APIs

Drawing on Inatech's deep knowledge and experience of the bunkering, shipping and oil trading markets, each product has been designed to integrate with other existing back-office applications and market data engines through a range of standard APIs.

Advanced integration platform – Inacloud

We understand that integrating multiple applications both on-premise and in the cloud can feel quite daunting. That’s why Inatech has developed Inacloud, a flexible, powerful cloud integration product more comprehensive than the common Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Inacloud has been designed to integrate any ERP, CRM, custom legacy, on-premise, cloud, social and mobility applications, allowing you to manage your business on one single interface.

To find out more about inacloud, visit


Pre-built or tailored point-to-point connectors are also available. Gathering Management Information System (MIS) reports isn’t always easy, especially when there isn’t one single integrated source where reports can be generated. Inatech offers a range of pre-built connectors as part of its Connector Library. These pre-built connectors are specific to the marine and oil trading industry and include:

  • Market prices
  • Email
  • Labs
  • ERP integration
  • Vessel voyage management systems

If these pre-built connectors don’t meet your specific business requirements the team can also create and tailor specialist connectors.

Configuration Services


Because every business is slightly different our products have the built-in flexibility so they can be configured
to the different requirements of each business user.

Configuration services offered include:

  • One on one meetings to establish the exact user requirements with any specific data being collected at this point.
  • Types of configurations cover:
    • User Roles and Permissions
    • Alerts configurations
    • Email notification configurations
    • Workflow & Approval configurations
    • Numerical configurations, such as rounding precisions, number of decimal places.
    • Date format and time-zone configurations.
  • During this service the master data is also imported and configured in the system.
  • Any integration with the back-office is also managed as part of the configuration services.

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