New whitepaper:
Multi-commodity ETRMs are becoming too expensive to implement. So what’s the solution?

Is the multi-commodity ETRM solution still suitable for today’s oil industry?

With oil companies finding implementations costly, often requiring significant customisation to make the solution work and faced with increased complexity in managing different commodities – the answer for many is no.

If that is your reality, what is the solution?

A new whitepaper, written by leading ETRM analyst organisation the Commodity Technology Advisory in collaboration with Inatech, offers practical solutions to overcome today’s changing landscape.

This New Whitepaper:

  • Explains the reasons why multi-commodity ETRM solutions have become ‘more or less impossible to commercially justify’.
  • Highlights how markets and needs are changing and how companies are now looking for specific commodity ETRM solutions that support better operational risk, optimise commodity-specific business processes and improve business controls and checks.
  • Examines a number of ways to address the oil industry’s need for a ‘more holistic supply chain’ approach and provides practical solutions to make it possible.

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