Fuel quality, credit availability and complex regulations how can inatech help?

Shipping faces a complex, highly regulated market


The shipping industry faces an unpredictable future. 

Increased and new environmental regulations, a wide array of new fuels and new entrants, volatile fuel prices, variable fuel quality, compatibility issues, delivery challenges and the difficulty in obtaining credit are putting additional pressures on an industry already struggling to deliver profits.

Left unchecked and operators face the prospect of paying higher fuel prices, risk buying lower quality or incompatible fuels or have the problem of business critical data being stored across multiple, disconnected systems.

How Shiptech addresses today’s fuel management challenges

Transforming bunker buying to handle regulated markets

  • Automate processes from procurement and operations to invoicing all in one platform.
  • Easily access comprehensive fuel procurement data improving planning and negotiation.
  • Handle multiple product types and new fuels from HSFO, LSFO, VLSFO (0.5%), ULSFO (0.1%), IFO, sludge and additives.
  • Integrate with vessel management, laboratories, surveyors and accounting systems improving efficiency.
  • Deliver insights through advanced analytics and data intelligence making procurement decisions fast.

Maximizing cash flow and available capital

  • Improve purchasing power via historical transactions analysis.
  • Speed up dispute resolution through effective claims management.
  • Improve cash forecast and cash management with advanced treasury reports.

Ensuring compliance

  • Set up best practice workflows and robust auditing systems managing compliance and reducing operational error.

Addressing market volatility

  • Compare suppliers via fuel price analytics.
  • Minimize operational and counterparty risk by understanding each supplier’s services and products better.

Securing high quality and compatible fuels

  • Benchmark suppliers and monitor their performance, claims record and lab results.
  • Track energy content to maintain the highest fuel quality.

Analyzing market conditions before decision sailing

Add Smart Trader – Inatech’s sophisticated pre-deal analysis and decision support platform to create a comprehensive and powerful energy management solution.

Inatech – the fuel management software specialists

At Inatech we understand the challenges you face and by working with many of the world’s largest shipping operators have created Shiptech – a game changing bunker fuel management system.

At Shiptech’s core is a range of applications covering everything from procurement, contracts, planning  to finance, labs, claims and reconciliation. By combining those apps with sophisticated analytics Shiptech moves the buyer from traditional fuel purchasing to analytical and proactive energy management.

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