The specialist fuel procurement app for small to medium-sized ship operators

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Who is it for ?

Specifically created for all types of operator from tanker, to dry bulk/cargo and container with a fleet of up to 40 vessels.

ShiptechLite. Automate and streamline fuel planning and purchasing

ShiptechLite is Inatech’s latest bunker fuel planning and bunker fuel procurement app designed to meet the fuel purchasing needs of small to medium sized operators and to eliminate a reliance on manual processes, spreadsheets or old legacy systems.

Built on the latest cloud technology and using some of the rich functionality of Inatech’s full end-to-end bunker fuel management system Shiptech, ShiptechLite provides users with an easy to use bunker buying system and decision support tool.

ShiptechLite is an off-the-shelf product that easily integrates with IMOS, Voyage Management Systems, Noon reports and email through standard APIs.

ShiptechLite – Top 3 Key Benefits

Specialist platform for small to medium-sized ship operators

ShiptechLite is a decision support tool that focuses on bunker fuel procurement. It automates the entire RFQ process at a glance, managing everything from creating and sending out requests to conducting multiple stakeholder negotiations, and finally to stemming an order.

Powerful negotiating tool

With access to supplier and port directories users have a powerful negotiating tool. Knowing and analyzing the price, quality and negotiating tactics of suppliers based on previous orders, makes choosing the best deal easier. Other tools include vessel position tracking and access to market data.

Buy and manage all fuel types

ShiptechLite supports multiple product types and all new fuels from HSFO, LSFO, VLSFO (0.5%), ULSFO (0.1%), IFO, LNG, sludge and additives.

Why choose ShiptechLite?

A purpose built fuel procurement system for operators with fleets of less than 40 vessels.


Automate processes – plan and buy bunkers with confidence

Streamline operations, eliminating manual processes and a reliance on spreadsheets.

Negotiate better

Manage multiple negotiations in parallel, compare options, choose the best supplier.

Pre-built APIs speed up integration

Plug the app into key in-house and external systems including voyage management and email apps making setup quick and easy.

Make informed decisions, faster

Easily access data/alerts via interactive dashboards to plan and react quicker to changing market conditions.

Simple auditing, every key stroke captured

If something is created, altered or deleted within the system, it is captured

Cost-effective, cloud based system

No hardware costs, no expensive maintenance fees and strong disaster recovery protocols.

ShiptechLite Overview

A purpose built decision support tool

ShiptechLite Features and Overview

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