Smart Trader

The sophisticated pre-deal analysis and decision support platform for ship operators

Who is it for ?

Developed for all types of operator from dry bulk/cargo, to tanker and containers.


Optimize fuel management in today’s complex, regulated markets

Smart Trader is a pre-deal analysis and decision support platform that uses bunker alerts and pricing data from S&P Global Platts to offer a new way to buy fuel.

Smart Trader helps operators thrive even in today’s complex, highly regulated fuel markets by providing buyers with the tools and marine fuel purchasing data needed to plan and make informed decisions across their fleet.  

Using Smart Trader confidently manage fuel quality and price, maximize available credit and access fuel data in one easy to access location – improving planning, negotiation and fuel management.

Smart Trader – Top 3 Key Benefits

Optimize your fleet’s fuel requirements with one easy to use app

Smart Trader combines vessel data, supplier and procurement systems with S&P Global Platts live pricing, news and market insights all in one application. This gives buyers the information needed to optimize fuel management at both an individual ship and fleet level.

Secure the highest quality fuel at the lowest price

With access to marine fuel data from more than 350 ports, supplier directories with advanced search and filter options and interactive maps displaying your fleet’s location and fuel levels, users have everything they need to negotiate and secure the best available deals.

Manage counterparty risk

By using Smart Trader’s tools to analyze overall supplier performance as markets change and to track counterparty exposure, users reduce the risk of bad debts, so maximizing available capital.

Why choose Smart Trader?

Buy the right quality fuel at the lowest price at your desired destination

smart trader

Track each ship’s location and fuel levels, real-time

Interactive maps show the location, route, fuel consumption, and speed of each ship – so buyers always know the fuel requirements of every ship.

Alerts and status updates automate fuel monitoring

Create vessel alerts (Fuel remaining on board, running low on fuel, route change, delays) so buyers are prepared when negotiating deals.

Make informed fuel purchases

Analyze markets, compare suppliers, manage spot vs contracts and use this data to simplify fuel management.

Manage market disruption

Know fuel costs, quality and availability, track supply, maintain margins and ensure compliance.

Easy integration

Stand APIs and pre-integration with Shiptech, Inatech’s bunker procurement software are included with Smart Trader.

Smart Trader Overview

A purpose built decision support tool

Smart Trader features and overview

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