Vijayanand Tirumalai N C Senior Vice President Product Development

Vijayanand joined Inatech in 2019. He is the head of product development, architecture and performance

Vijayanand joined Inatech in 2019. He heads Product Development along with Architecture. Cloud Infrastructure and performance

Vijay has been associated with global industry front runners like GE, Siemens, and ADP, and has acquired a powerful comprehension of the complexities of large scale product development. He has in depth experience of working across geographies, such as India, the US and Germany. Vijays experience includes periods leading Product Management, Development, Testing, UX, Architecture and Customer Support. As a result he brings a well-rounded experience, a global prospective and a strong vision for product development. He will greatly enhance Inatechs ability to  develop products efficiently and effectively and to ultimately enhance its customers experience.