About Inatech

Empowering You with Intelligent, Scalable Energy Trading Solutions

Inatech is a global pioneer in intelligent cloud-based energy trading risk management and fuel management solutions.  We leverage the deep industry expertise and knowledge of the world’s largest commodity traderbuilding a strong foundation for innovation and problem-solving.

Our heritage is operating in a vertically integrated businessproduction, refining, marketing, trading, and retail of energy products. We serve the value chains across the energy and fuel markets with scalable, decision-support systems that help you stay a step ahead of the competition whilst maximizing investments.

Our customers benefit from an international delivery model that provides the competitive edge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic markets. We can proudly say that over the last 20 years, Inatech has established a legacy in the energy commodity segment with an expansive global footprint, research-driven innovation, and strong customer support.

We Let the Numbers Speak for Us


Million Metric Tones
of Oil Traded


Users across 15


Ships using bunker
management software


Consultants across
6 office locations

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Smart Working, Mutual Respect and Continual Improvement form the cornerstones of our values.


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Our approach is to identify and recruit the best available talent wherever it resides

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