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Bunkertech is a dedicated cloud-based marine fuels trading, risk and supply management software for bunker physical suppliers and back-to-back traders. It is built on modern architecture and equipped with in-built ERP and powerful analytics. With Bunkertech, you can

Make rapid decisions​
Optimize trading cash flows​
Get an integrated, real-time view of your bunkering operations​

Bunkertech automates and easily manages various functionalities using a modern, integrated workflow. This translates to seamless operations, reduced errors, and effective utilization of time and resources!

Bunker Supply Chain Management-Real Barriers

We grew out of a bunker supply business and understand the challenges you face around price volatility, credit risk, balancing inventory, valuing your positions, and regulatory compliance.

We have built Bunkertech to help you understand your business performance in real-time including

  • What inventory do you hold and where?
  • What are your trade and operating costs?
  • What has priced in and what has not?

We will help you find answers without the need to manually coordinate information from multiple departments and systems!

Overcoming Challenges

For back-to-back traders, the focus is on optimizing cash flow and managing credit risk. Bunkertech includes a sophisticated credit management capability that will easily deal with complex credit issues such as exposure across multiple related entities. 

Whereas inventory and risk management remain a  priority for physical suppliers.  Bunkertech has world-leading functionality for managing your inventory positions, including negative inventories and virtual inventory. It has the flexibility to handle all variations on costing for both inventory and COS.

What Makes Bunkertech Stand Out

A specialised solution adopted by leading bunker suppliers, comprising best practices and superior functionalities

Complete front, mid, and back-office automation and support

True cloud-based solution with NO recurring implementation cost

Best-in-class tools for advanced risk analytics, real-time position, risk reduction, margin optimisation, hedge effectiveness, stress testing and more

Seamless integration with external systems and data feeds for smooth operations

Robust customer service support on utmost priority for every business process request

A One-Stop Solution for Your Entire Business

We use our experience of working with bunker traders and suppliers in the world’s biggest bunker locations to deliver effective solutions to real-world problems. Moreover, we have now extended Bunkertech to cover low carbon and alternative fuels.

Here’s how Bunkertech serves as an intelligent intermediary between the supplier and the customer.

Visibility & Control

Access real-time views of inventory, credit lines, trading PnL, exposure, and operations. Get relevant information including counterparty performance, historical data related to vessels, market prices, and the minimum selling price.

Cost Optimization

Get a holistic view of the tank balances and movement schedules to plan deliveries, reducing delivery and operational costs.

Inventory management

Know fuel quantity and volume, calorific values, contracts that are priced and unpriced; the cost and the mark-to-market value of inventory, its location as well as the profit and loss of each sale. Moreover, gain visibility on inventory gains and losses.

Risk management & regulatory compliance

Promote best practices across the organization, and minimize operational risk with Bunkertech’s in-built workflows automate checkpoints.

Supply chain optimization

Calculate the expected quantity and quality of the inventory, based on physical movements. Clearly see the difference between what is expected and what is available once the physical tank balances are integrated into the system.

Better Cashflow

Improve payment collection and visibility across the company and optimise cash flow using reconciliation and financial accounting applications.

What Our Customers Are Saying

So, why delay? Make the Right Decisions with Bunkertech!

Press Release


Estonian bunker trader Arte Bunkering has enlisted Bunkertech, the energy trading risk management (ETRM) system owned by Inatech, to streamline operations as it expands its global presence. Arte Bunkering is using…


Norwegian marine fuel trader and broker Bergen Bunkers has mandated Bunkertech, the bunker trading risk management software from Inatech


Leading Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg bunker supplier Trefoil has mandated Inatech to overhaul its management systems

Frequently Asked Questions

A Bunker Trading and Supply Management System is a software application that is used by bunker suppliers to automate business processes involved in the trading, sale, distribution and delivery of crude oil and refined products. Bunkertech is a market leading bunker trading and supply management system

Many bunker suppliers trade, sell and distribute petroleum products using manual processes or outdated computer systems. A Bunker Supply Management System will automate these processes increasing efficiency, saving money, and streamlining a whole range of bunkering operations ranging from trading, hedging and risk management to inventory and financial accounting.

A Bunker Supply Management System helps solve many of the challenges facing today’s bunker suppliers including

  • Matching supply and demand
  • Effectively monitoring credit and liquidity
  • Handling fuel price volatility
  • Quoting competitive prices
  • Managing operational complexities
  • Accurately managing inventory and associated costs
  • Managing financial instruments

Bunkertech handles all of these challenges smoothly and seamlessly

Yes, Bunkertech has an in-built ERP that makes it an end-to-end solution.  This feature gives you control over real-time position management and intra-day profit and loss statements.

Our strong and experienced project team can remotely and seamlessly integrate a true cloud-based system within two weeks.

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