Techoil Dispatch
Bespoke Integrated Fuel Supply Optimisation and Dispatch System

Supporting all aspects of your day-to-day business on one platform

Supply Fuel at the Lowest Possible Laid-In Cost

Techoil Dispatch is a cloud-native integrated fuel optimisation and dispatch software designed especially to optimise the day-to-day c-store supply decisions and streamline logistics processes for the fuel retail industry. Now, a single platform can help you seamlessly monitor, buy, and dispatch fuel requirements in real-time.

With Techoil Dispatch, you can

Buy the best fuel at the best available price
Get real-time forecasting and direct ATG access
Access real-time online status of order and delivery

Techoil Dispatch automates and easily manages various functionalities using a modern, integrated workflow. This translates to seamless operations, reduced errors, and effective utilization of time and resources!

Fuel Management Operations - Increasing Complexity

Fuel marketers or wholesalers and distributors, bulk buyers, as well as c-store retailers, face increasing complexities when it comes to procurement and logistics processes in the refined fuel supply chain. This warrants the need for a single platform that helps bridge the gaps in multiple operations in fuel management—improve truck utilisation and driver accountability, reduce the cost of fuel supply, as well as avoid errors and paperwork. 

Techoil  Dispatch helps you gain complete visibility and control over your business in real-time including

We will help you find these answers and many more without the need for manually coordinating information across different departments or systems!

Achieving More with Less

What Makes Techoil Dispatch Stand Out

A specialised solution for the refined fuel industry

Complete front, mid, and back-office automation and support

True cloud-based solution with NO recurring implementation cost

Best-in-class tools for fuel buying and dispatch operations

Seamless integration with external systems and data feeds for smooth operations

Robust customer service and support based on the priority of support requests

One Solution for Your Entire Business

Techoil Dispatch is an industry-specialised buying, dispatch and reconciliation solution that requires zero intervention from your side whilst delivering the desired output. 

This is how Techoil Dispatch is accelerating business growth!

Sale of Wholesale Petroleum Products

Get outbound price notifications on your email or push to DTN and integrate seamlessly with third-party price services. Receive automatic push via user-defined schedules and on-demand notices for the day deals and mid-day price management.

Fuel Procurement

Access aggregate view of normalised price data, effectively manage fuel contracts and utilise Best buy functionality.

Order Management

Create orders from the inventory dashboard based on available capacity and demand or via third-party integrations or data import interface. Generate orders automatically based on inventory forecasts. Moreover, define and communicate supply pick lists for individual or multiple orders using mass update functionality and get support for common carriers and company-owned logistics operations.

Freight Invoicing

Manage and apply scenario-specific mileage-based freight rates, point-to-point rates, fuel surcharges, and ancillary fees. Create an invoice with a single click using predetermined charges based on actual delivery data. Plus, transfer event-driven freight charges or invoices to their-party applications in real-time.

Fuel Invoicing

Effectively manage motor fuel excise and sales tax, automatically apply fuel taxes, allowances, and fees via delivery data collected during the order execution. Prepopulate bill of lading (BOl) and delivery date to minimise invoicing effort. Additionally, automatically determine the cost of fuel and freight charges using the third-party pricing services.


This comprises vehicle and driver management as well as card and timeline0based dispatch functionality.

  • Vehicle management: Keep a track of compliance dates and upcoming expectations, assign vehicles for order execution and receive driver notifications.
  • Driver management: Get access to historic driver-based reports and statistics, and manage driver qualification and reporting, as well as terminal cards and warnings on dispatch. View and share expected shift and order-specific execution times for individual drivers.
  • Card and timeline-based dispatch functionality: Access real-time synchronous order updates including collected data and files. Plus, manage fuel supply options, update or cancel orders, manage driver cards, and filter page results without leaving the visual assign screen.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Empower yourself to make profitable day-to-day supply decisions!

Press Release


Petro-Diamond Inc., the oil-trading firm owned by Mitsubishi Corp.


The partnership will provide Inatech’s customers with an array of advanced risk analysis tools


Inatech grew at around 25% in 2021 yet its CEO, Jean Hervé Jenn, described the year as ‘disappointing” by comparison to 2020 when I spoke with him recently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Energy trading and risk management or ETRM software is primarily a category of software applications, architectures, and tools that help in supporting the business processes in commodity trading in the energy market. Used by oil traders, suppliers, distributors and wholesalers, ETRMs help companies assess market information to make data-driven decisions and maximise margins.

Many oil traders, suppliers, distributors and wholesalers still run their commodity trading businesses using manual processes, spreadsheets or outdated legacy systems. ETRM software enables operators to automate these outdated processes. This saves money and improves the efficiency of operations by streamlining trading, hedging, credit, cash flow, operations and inventory.

ETRM software also assists in managing risk and operating complex integrated supply chains for energy commodities. It handles complex interfaces effortlessly manages all front, middle and back-office needs, making it a cost-effective option for oil trading companies.

ETRM stands for energy trade and risk management and CTRM stands for commodity trading and risk management. These terms are used to describe a set of software that is utilised in commodity trading and risk management. ETRM is actually a subset of CTRM software.

ETRM solutions include many functionalities to address the key aspects of energy or commodity trading and risk management activities such as

  • Trade and operations to cover everything from energy trading, contract management and operations to credit control and delivery.
  • Hedging and risk management so you can hedge, monitor, forecast and report.
  • Inventory management and reconciliation for a complete view of your inventory right across the supply chain.
  • Contract management of single or multi-site end customers
  • Rack marketing for automated posting to PLATTS of wholesale terminal prices.
  • Financial accounting to enable planning, control, compliance and auditing.
  • Reporting to give you a complete view of your business performance).
  • Integration to make sure you can integrate with third-party applications

By implementing ETRM software companies can

  • Manage market, operational, and counterparty risk more effectively.
  • Control operational complexity and directly impact profitability.
  • Access a consolidated view of the business. This simplifies informed decision making.
  • Improve profitability through trade economics, accurate pricing formulas and MTM.
  • Save time so you can focus on your business by streamlining operations to drive greater efficiencies throughout your business workflow.
  • Reconcile trades in real-time.
  • Have a solution that works across everything from trading to invoicing.
  • Drastically reduce errors from manual or double entry through automation.

Yes! It integrates the company’s front, middle and back-office operations. It also provides a scalable platform for effective risk management and increases efficiency within the company’s oil trading business.

Our strong and experienced project team can remotely and seamlessly integrate true cloud-based ETRM within two weeks.

Yes, it has an in-built ERP that makes our ETRM an end-to-end solution! This feature gives you control over real-time position management and intra-day profit and loss statements.