Bunker Procurement

Bunker procurement has become complex with the adoption of cleaner and greener fuels to meet the decarbonisation goals. On top of that, port arbitrage has added to the challenges. The fleet operators now have to worry about profitability as well as environmental compliance. 

This warrants the need for a smart fuel management system that proactively manages your bunker buying and also effectively handles functions across chartering, finance, and operations Dept. 

Inatech’s Shiptech, a decision-support bunker fuel procurement system is the leading choice of shipping companies across the globe. It helps you make the best purchase decisions based on fuel price, quality, compatibility and availability and ensure the right governance across stakeholders with Its inbuilt best practices.


With Shiptech, you can effectively automate the following functionalities

Fuel and energy procurement
Contract management
Pre-deal analysis and decision support
Negotiation, and planning
Counterparty and invoice management
Claims and reconciliation

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