‘Techoil Dispatch’ has been a game-changer for our fuel wholesale & distribution business – Jernigan Oil

Amidst the dynamic environment of fuel wholesale and distribution in the United States, businesses face challenges driven by global market volatility, increasing regulatory scrutiny, and logistical hurdles. Staying ahead of the curve requires innovative solutions that view industry evolution and emerging technologies as an opportunity to enhance effectiveness by continuously improving efficiency and productivity. In a realm where artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly indispensable, the introduction of Techoil Dispatch (TOD) by Inatech is a significant milestone, empowering stakeholders to adapt swiftly to evolving market dynamics while optimizing fuel management processes.

Equipped with a modern workflow and intuitive user interface, Techoil Dispatch is revolutionizing the fuel inventory and order management processes in the US petroleum retail, wholesale, distribution, and motor fuel transportation industry. Leading companies in this sector have embraced Inatech’s innovative solution, recognizing its value in navigating highly competitive markets.

According to Jernigan Oil, ‘Techoil Dispatch’ has been a game-changer for our business. Its seamless operations have saved us from costly mistakes and propelled our growth. With TOD, managing our fuel operations has never been easier.”

Techoil Dispatch is a unified platform that seamlessly delivers operational transparency, automation, and real-time data flow throughout the entire fuel supply life cycle. With robust solutions for monitoring fuel inventory, managing orders, optimizing logistics, and streamlining finance operations, businesses clearly benefit in achieving operational efficiency and growth.

About Inatech

Established in 2002, Inatech is an innovative cloud-based energy trading risk management (ETRM) and fuel management solutions company. Serving the value chains across energy trading, fuel wholesale, distribution, and retail markets with scalable, decision-support systems, Inatech is the preferred partner for traditional energy trading businesses in their transition journey from fossil to alternative fuels.

About Jernigan Oil:

Jernigan Oil Company, Inc., is a full-service petroleum products distributor in Ahoskie, North Carolina supplying to homes, farms, and businesses. Jernigan Oil Company is the parent company of Duck Thru Food Stores, with over 50 locations throughout southern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.