Energy Analytics

With an increasing number of systems and data complexity, energy trading businesses need to make sense of the data to make rapid, profitable decisions. 

ETRMs equipped with advanced analytics have become the mainstay of energy trading. An effective ETRM should integrate with traditional data sets of price feeds and third-party systems as well as enable advanced data and risk analytics to avoid human bias and errors. 

Identifying this need, Inatech has collaborated with the leading data analytics tools providers to offer unparalleled advanced data and risk analytics platform as part of our energy trading solutions. 


With this capability, you will have access to tools for

What-if scenarios
Portfolio analysis
Margin optimization
Hedge effectiveness
Value at Risk (VaR) models
Risk analysis including risk reduction value and stress testing

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The partnership will provide Inatech’s customers with an array of advanced risk analysis tools including what-if scenarios, portfolio & margin optimization, hedge effectiveness and value at risk (VaR) models.

How ETRM’s Advanced Analytics Software Helps Businesses Make Better Decisions

If you are into commodity or energy trading, you may have heard a lot about the recent buzzwords—advanced analytics and data visualisation. No doubt, advanced analytics is transforming how traders, risk managers, finance personnel or marketers do trading.

The Benefits of Hedge Management Using ETRM Software

Commodity prices and interest rates are often highly volatile. This can directly affect your cash flow and your margins. Even price fluctuations in fuel cost can affect your returns. Hedging can help you manage volatility and reduce risk.