Bunkertech ETRM

A cloud-based end-to-end bunker supply management system

Who is it for ?

It has been specifically created for the bunker supplier industry.

Manage inventory, operations & cash flow in real-time

Bunkertech ETRM is a cloud-based end-to-end bunker supply management system.

It is the smart way for bunker suppliers to effectively manage their complete bunker supply business providing an integrated, real-time view of bunkering operations.

Bunkertech ETRM allows bunkering companies to do profitable deals by streamlining trading, operations, hedging and risk management, inventory, reconciliation, analytics and financial accounting.

Bunkertech – Top 3 Key Benefits

Manage operational complexity with 360 degree insights to control your business

Consolidate and integrate multiple processes and legacy systems using one ERP and TRM platform. Gain better insight, exercise control across the supply chain and deliver increased efficiency.

Deliver real-time views of inventory, trading PnL and operations

Know you real-time exposure, fuel quantity/volume, value of inventory, where it’s stored/located and the profit/loss of each sale.

Manage multiple modes of transport/multiple storage locations

With an accurate view of logistic options and costs maximize margins and profitability.

Why choose Bunkertech ETRM?

A purpose built end-to-end bunker supply management system for the bunker supply industry.


Streamline operations and sell more

Deal entry screens provide quick access to all the relevant information needed to sell. Bunkertech includes everything from counterparty performance, vessel history, market prices, to minimum selling price.

Optimize your operational costs

Bunkertech gives you a holistic view of the tank balances and schedules helping you to plan the deliveries and reduce delivery costs.

Integration is fast

Bunkertech provides standard APIs so it easily integrates with ERP systems and other back office applications such as financial applications or market price feeds.

Optimize your supply chain/control inventory losses

Bunkertech calculates the expected quantity and quality of the inventory, based on physical movements. Once the physical tank balances are integrated into the system, you can clearly see the difference between what is expected and what is available.

Work your capital and credit harder

Using Bunkertech’s reconciliation and financial accounting applications improve payment collection and visibility across the company, maximizing cash flow.

Enable regulatory compliance

Bunkertech’ s inbuilt best practices/workflows minimize operational risk.

Bunkertech Overview

Streamline bunkering operations and improve profitability

Bunkertech Features and Overview

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