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Bunkertech ETRM – monitor your exposure to risk, real-time.

When you trade and broker marine fuels across more than one hundred countries you need to be able to accurately report on your financial exposure to risk in real-time. However, if your business data is stored across multiple systems and in multiple locations, then you’ll struggle to deliver the information needed to make decisions fast!
Before coming to Inatech this was the situation facing this client. Data was on disparate systems in different locations. It made reporting time consuming and inaccurate. This also meant the company couldn’t:

  • Provide management with an accurate picture of the company’s credit exposure or market risk.
  • Reconcile accounts receivables because of the complexity of its different accounting systems.
  • Implement or ensure traders followed consistent workflows and processes across the company.

The solution:

Inatech delivered a system that transforms the way this client operates their bunkering business. The solution was based around Inatech’s cloud-based product offer Bunkertech ETRM and Navision ERP.
The solution implemented integrated the trading operations in the front office, the inventory and risk management of the middle office and the corporate account functions of the back-office into one solution hosted in the cloud.
Through a global training program Inatech also enabled employees across the globe to easily access the same company data and reports.

The results:

Bunkertech ETRM transformed the way the company now operates delivering benefits that include:

  • Reports that accurately show the real-time credit exposure the company faces – reducing market risk and delivering better credit management.
  • Streamlined workflows that reduce operational risk, increase trader efficiency and mean traders adopt consistent procedures across the world.
  • Access to better management reporting and centralised data – improving overall decision making.
  • Access to one integrated system from every company location.
  • Simple reconciliation of accounts across the company.
  • The many advantages of operating in the cloud including improved mobility, security, scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Keen to realise the same benefits for your bunker trading business?

Then talk to Inatech’s experts and book a demo of Bunkertech ETRM today.
Bunkertech ETRM is a cloud-based, end-to-end bunker supply management system. It is the smart way to effectively manage the complete bunker supply business with an integrated, real-time view of the bunkering operations. Bunkertech ETRM also allows bunkering companies to do profitable deals by streamlining trading, credit, cash flow, operations and if required inventory.