Dispatch Management for Refined Fuel Wholesalers and Distributors

The energy markets are continually evolving due to economic, geopolitical or regulatory factors. According to an estimate, the global refined fuel market is expected to reach $2,614.48 billion in 2022 at a CAGR of 13.1%. This growth is being propelled by the recovery of companies post-COVID-19. Moreover, with the impetus on alternative fuels, refineries are also adopting carbon storage and capture technologies to reduce their CO2 emissions.


Although the energy markets change, the challenges faced by the refined fuel wholesalers almost remain the same—their business relies on transactions that are high volume and low margins. So, how do you make a cut among your competitors and be profitable? 


In this article, we will discuss the challenges faced by refined fuel wholesalers and distributors, and how an integrated solution comprising ETRM and Dispatch can help accelerate growth plans. 

Challenges Faced by Refined Fuel Wholesalers and Distributors 

Usually, refined fuel wholesalers buy directly from the refiners, use major pipelines for shipping the refined products and market at the terminals. Volatile prices, high involvement of interpersonal services and relationships, as well as large amounts of data produced, do not make it easy either. 


In summary, the unique challenges include the following:

  • A large volume of data
  • High-touch processes and transactions
  • A growing presence of online businesses
  • High volume, low margins
  • Customer demands for an improved experience 


This means that refined fuel wholesalers need to maintain customer loyalty, best pricing as well as high-quality services to succeed in a competitive landscape. 

A Solution for Fuel Supply Chain Operations and Logistics 

There is a need for a solution that will empower the fuel wholesalers and distributors, bulk buyers, c-store retailers, fleet operators, and common carriers to optimise fule supply chain procurement and logistics on a single platform. In simple words, buyers need to purchase and dispatch their refined fuel requirements in real-time. This means supporting daily supply decisions, managing logistics, transportation, demand planning and route optimisation to achieve high productivity levels. 

Moreover, with an efficient dispatch system, you can significantly reduce cash collection delays 

by many days. 

What features to Look for When Choosing a Dispatch Management System

You should go for an automated solution that gives you the flexibility to optimise both supply chain procurement and logistics processes on a single platform. The dispatch management functionality should enable you to 


  • Access real-time forecasting to avoid retains or runouts
  • Buy fuel at the best possible price to optimise your working capital and business costs
  • Allow integration with external fuel price feeds such as OPIS, PLATTS, or DTN
  • Check real-time status of online delivery and order, reducing the follow-up with phone calls
  • Ensure the accountability and performance of the driver for improved and timely delivery of fuel products 
  •  Schedule deliveries in no time with route optimisation
  • Reduce reliance on manual updates and paperwork with electronic delivery tickets and bill of ladings
  • Recieve invoice quickly after fuel delivery 


What Inatech Offers 

Inatech is one of the leading innovators and providers of energy trading risk management and fuel management solution. With an array of industry-specific solutions for fuel wholesalers and distributors and c-store retailers, we enable you to make raid, profitable decisions. We are the only player who offers Bestbuy and Dispatch functionality integrated with ETRM software. 


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