How Inatech Techoil Fuel Dispatch Software Streamlines Driver Management

In our previous article, we explored Techoil Dispatch, our specialized ETRM for fuel retailers, marketers, wholesalers, distributors, c-stores and more. We looked at the ways in which it helps in navigating complex supply chains, streamlining fuel supply management, inventory management, invoicing, logistics, and much more.

One of the key logistical elements the platform assists with is driver management, which lies at the heart of any successful dispatch operation. This article focuses on exactly how our fuel distribution software tackles an array of driver-related challenges, leading to lower costs, efficient operations, satisfied drivers, and the optimal utilization of resources.

Challenges in Fuel Distribution

With increasing numbers of vehicles on the road, traffic congestion is only going to increase. Given that congestion already wastes hundreds of billions of dollars in fuel every year, it’s time to find ways to optimize the process. Below are some more reasons to do so.

Driver Availability and Scheduling

Coordinating drivers to ensure timely deliveries can be a significant challenge. Factors such as their availability, working hours, rest periods, and delivery priorities must be considered in order to optimize driver utilization and meet customer demands.

Route Planning

Determining the most efficient routes for fuel deliveries is crucial to minimize travel time, fuel consumption, and vehicle wear and tear. However, factors such as traffic, road conditions, and delivery time windows can make things difficult. Balancing multiple delivery locations, varying volumes, and time-sensitive schedules further complicates the process.

Regulatory Compliance

As you know, the transportation of fuel is subject to various regulatory requirements; ensuring compliance with them all, as well as keeping up with any changes or updates, requires ongoing vigilance.

How Techoil Dispatch Improves Driver Management

Addressing the logistical challenges above requires robust fuel dispatch software that can handle complexity at-scale. Our cloud based solution is built to do just that.

Route Optimization

Techoil Dispatch goes beyond simply planning routes – it’s designed to optimize, planning the most efficient routes for drivers.

Thanks to dynamic route adjustments, unexpected events no longer need to bring operations to a halt. Whether it’s traffic, accidents, or road closures, the fuel dispatch software continuously monitors and provides real-time updates to the driver, suggesting alternative routes to avoid delays.

Optimizing the workload in this way helps prevent fatigue, ensuring drivers have manageable schedules and reducing the risk of errors or accidents due to exhaustion. It also reduces stress and frustration, saves time and fuel, and improves productivity. Customers are then also satisfied due to timely deliveries.

Enhanced Fleet Visibility

With fuel delivery software, fleet managers can track the location and status of each vehicle in real-time, monitoring drivers’ activities, including their route progress, stops, and idle time. This visibility allows fleet managers to identify any sub-optimal deviations from the planned route, proactively address issues, and ensure drivers are following company policies and best practices.

Real-Time Updates & Communication

Real-time communication allows dispatchers to send important updates, instructions, or changes in delivery schedules directly to the drivers’ mobile devices or in-cabin communication systems. This ensures that drivers are always aware of the latest information, helping them to make informed decisions and adapt to changes quickly.

Driver Notifications

The vehicle management module facilitates communication between the system and drivers. It can send notifications or alerts regarding vehicle assignments, changes in schedules, or any updates related to compliance or maintenance requirements. These notifications keep drivers informed and ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities and any changes that may affect their tasks.

Performance Monitoring

Our fuel planning software tracks driver performance metrics such as fuel efficiency, driving behavior, and adherence to schedules. Fleet managers can access these metrics and identify areas for improvement, recognize high-performing drivers, give timely feedback, and provide targeted training or incentives to enhance overall driver performance. This helps in fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

Driver Qualification & Reporting

The software enables you to manage driver qualification processes, such as verifying licenses, certifications, and compliance. It also facilitates the generation and management of driver reports, which may include details about their qualifications, training records, driving history, and any incidents or violations.

This feature saves time and effort for both drivers and fleet managers, ensuring that drivers meet the necessary requirements. It also enables accurate record-keeping and provides easy access to data for auditing or analysis purposes.

Manage Terminal Cards and Warnings on Dispatch

The software facilitates seamless collaboration between dispatchers, drivers, and other stakeholders involved in terminal operations. Dispatchers can convey important instructions related to specific terminals, and drivers can communicate back to dispatchers, reporting any issues or requesting assistance, creating a feedback loop that enables prompt responses and efficient problem resolution.

Centralizing and organizing information about specific terminal locations allows dispatchers to easily access and communicate this critical information to drivers, which ensures they are always aware of and adhere to the necessary compliance measures when operating at different terminals.

The software also helps mitigate risks and improve safety by providing warnings and alerts related to specific terminals, such as hazardous conditions and other safety hazards, or procedural changes. Drivers can therefore stay informed and take necessary precautions when necessary, reducing the likelihood of accidents, spills, or other incidents.


Efficiently managing drivers is the key to smooth-running logistics, helping to save time and costs, and protect drivers from fatigue.

These benefits are key in any industry but when it comes to the transportation of fuel, safety is another key factor to take care of. Thankfully, our software makes it easier to stay compliant in various ways, such as ensuring that terminal operations are completed safely. In addition, the monitoring of driver activity fosters a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

Combined with route optimization, driver reporting and the other features discussed, this technology empowers companies to navigate the complexities of driver management and unlock a new level of operational excellence.

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