In our last blog ‘ETRM market consolidation – a hindrance or opportunity?’ we talked about the current state of the ETRM market.  For many, market consolidation means limited product choice. Yet with the emergence of cloud technologies and new entrants, companies with existing products now consolidated into larger organisations or companies looking to buy their first ETRM software solution, have choices.

Faced with the uncertainty product acquisition brings, it’s an ideal opportunity to review existing systems.

A product that is getting a lot of traction in the market is Inatech’s Techoil ETRM solution.

Inatech, has been designing market-leading software since 2002 and is owned by one of the world’s largest commodity trading company – Glencore.

At the heart of Inatech’s extensive portfolio of products is Techoil ETRM, a solution tailored to the specific business needs of oil traders’, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors.

Techoil ETRM transforms business through accurate market insight

Techoil ETRM is a fully integrated energy, trading and risk management decision support platform that gives oil traders, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors the latest technologies, tools, workflows and applications needed to effectively run their entire business managing everything from PnL, risk, inventory and sales to trading, operations and finance.

Techoil streamlines procurement, sales and marketing, inventory management, scheduling and distribution, invoicing, finance, hedging and trading.

Fast and effective implementation using the latest cloud technologies

Built using the latest cloud-based technologies – Techoil ETRM is fast and easy to implement. Cloud technology is scalable so grows as the business grows, is secure and is cost-effective to implement. Techoil ETRM is charged using a monthly subscription based-pricing model rather than the more costly product license model. This makes the whole implementation an operational purchase rather than a capital expenditure – freeing up cash flow for other investments.

By implementing Techoil ETRM:

  • Automate processes from trading and operations to inventory and finance all on one platform.
  • React to changing markets faster by using integrated proprietary and external market data, dashboards and powerful analytics.
  • Minimize operational and counterparty risk by understanding each supplier’s services and products better.
  • Manage risk, operate supply chains more efficiently and track PnL even as variables such as inventory levels change.
  • Integrate front, middle and back office activities increasing operational effectiveness.
  • Easily access trading, sales, inventory and operations data in order to accurately monitor the profit or loss of any given trade or product.
  • Adopt best practice workflows to manage compliance, meet the strident requirements of market regulators and stakeholders and reduce operational error.
  • Maximize cash flow, manage credit and minimize exposure.
  • Deliver advanced performance metrics.

Navigate your way through the changing ETRM marketplace with Techoil ETRM
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