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Buying bunkers is becoming ever more complex. Operators have to deal with increased regulations. Fuel prices remain volatile. The fuel quantity ordered doesn’t always match what’s stemmed. And new fuels and fuel quality can also vary by supplier.

When you include testing, recording samples, associated bunker paperwork, securing credit and managing finance and the complexity of buying bunkers only increases.

How do you optimize planning, simplify procurement and improve performance?

To thrive in this fast paced complex market you need to rethink how, where, and when to buy fuel.

It’s no longer enough to simply rely on intuition, you need an effective fuel procurement strategy in place supported by the latest Ship Management Software that helps you efficiently transform existing fuel procurement processes and turn available data into meaningful insights that will enable you to not only react quickly to changing market conditions, but ensure you secure the very best fuel deals.

Optimize planning using Ship Management Software.

A big benefit to users of deploying Ship Management Software is having access to all your fuel procurement and associated data in one location. This optimizes planning and simplifies decision making, as you can be confident everyone is basing their decisions on the same information.

By having immediate access to the same data your team can quickly build an accurate picture of your fuel procurement plans and profitability, establish your specific fleet fuel requirements, assess associated fuel costs, monitor orders and any potential fuel quality or quantity issues. It also means the team is ideally placed to plan the exact fuel requirements by individual ship or by the whole fleet.

Using the analytics functionality of Ship Management Software also lets you drill-down deeper into your business operations. Via reports, benchmark your suppliers on price and fuel quality, reconcile orders, deliveries and invoicing, compare lab test results against spec, manage claims and monitor the profitability of deals.

Simplify procurement and improve performance using Ship Management Software.

Ship Management Software not only provides you with the tools to optimize planning, it streamlines fuel procurement through process automation and workflows. With the latest software – such as Inatech’s Shiptech solution – you can manage the complete end-to-end fuel management system from planning and procurement, through to contracts, labs, reconciliation, finance and claims.

Automation reduces errors, increases operational efficiency, provides an audit trial for compliance, simplifies the procurement process and improves performance.

With the latest Ship Management Software you can buy spot or contract, negotiate more effectively, make informed decisions based on fuel price and quality and transform existing fuel procurement processes and turn data into meaningful insights that will enable you to compete in today’s dynamic markets.

Ready to optimize planning and take fuel management to the next level?

Inatech combines best-of-breed cloud technologies with in-depth industry expertise. By using our software integrate, automate and optimize processes, driving efficiency and revenue growth.  

Start a conversation with our fuel management experts today and discover how Shiptech – Inatech’s game changing fuel procurement technology – can transform the way you buy marine fuel in the future. Click here to book a demo.