Case study: Techoil ETRM - Accurately view the profit and loss of every trade - Inatech

From manual processes to automation.

This Saudi-based oil trading company was still recording its trades manually via spreadsheet. This meant the company couldn’t:

  • Accurately monitor trading procedures or assess the profit and loss of every trade.
  • React quickly to changing market conditions.
  • Optimise its inventory to protect the company from market and operational risk.
  • Scale up its processes as the company grew.

The company was growing and it was operating in the fast moving and very competitive Middle East Market. It therefore couldn’t afford to rely on manual processes if it wanted to continue to grow.

They therefore turned to Inatech to help them automate key business processes and chose Techoil ETRM as their business solution.

The solution:

The inatech team worked in close collaboration with the client. They focused on solving the initial business challenges and migrating the company’s on-going trading activity into the proposed solution.

Inatech delivered its specialist cloud-based, integrated, end-to-end system for physical oil trading companies – Techoil ETRM, together with Navision 2016 ERP.

The solution is used by both front office users and back office personnel in five offices across the Middle East and Europe.

It integrates the company’s front, middle and back office operations. It also provides a scalable platform to control risks and increase efficiency within the company’s oil trading business.

The results:

By implementing Techoil ETRM our client can now:

  • Accurately manage the profitability of every trade – reducing the company’s exposure to risk.
  • Ensure everyone sees the same data for informed decision making.
  • Automate a lot of the checkpoints that were previously processed manually. This speeds up the approval process on trades, and ensures employees now adopt best practice in business.
  • Optimise its inventory to protect the company from market and operational risk.
  • Confidently grow its business knowing its systems will grow with it.
  • Also benefit from many of the advantages of using cloud including increased mobility, security, scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Keen to realise the same benefits for your business?

Then talk to Inatech’s experts and book a demo of Techoil ETRM today.

Techoil ETRM is an integrated, end-to-end cloud software product for the oil industry. Techoil ETRM helps organisations streamline trading, hedging, credit, cash flow, operations and inventory. It also assists in managing risk and operating complex integrated supply chains for crude products, distillates, petrochemicals and bunkers.