UASC implements Shiptech to streamline its fuel purchasing - Inatech

United Arab Shipping Company (UASC), a leading global shipping company based in the Middle East, has implemented Shiptech, an end-to-end fuel management system developed by global cloud software company Inatech.

Shiptech provides the company with an automated, cloud-based, fuel management system that transforms the way UASC buys bunker fuel.
Using Shiptech’s Procurement, Contract Management and Advanced Reporting applications, UASC plans fleet level bunkering for its vessels, tracks vessel performance and improves negotiations with suppliers. Within the Procurement application, specific features such as auto reconciliation of quantity and quality, as well as management of claims allows for an end-to-end management of UASC’s top cost item.
Through seamless integration with UASC’s Liner, Financials and Business Reporting, Shiptech receives and shares data maximising automation, facilitating management reporting and delivering operational efficiency.
The project reduces UASC’s reliance on manually intensive fuel purchasing processes and enhances information flow across the company, enabling faster and smarter decision making.
System customisations allow UASC to capture market prices from a variety of sources including Platts and Saudi Aramco, to track bunker barge performance and in the future to monitor the calorific value of fuel. Shiptech also integrates with UASC’s email software to ensure smooth supplier/company communications and with DNV laboratories to manage bunker fuel test results.
“UASC is in the process of implementing one of the industry’s largest and most technologically advanced new building programs, with seventeen new vessels. In order to manage our growing business and to cope with the increased fuel procurement requirements, we needed to move away from buying our fuel manually and put in place an end-to-end fuel management system”, said Waleed Al Dawood, Chief Operating Officer UASC. “Shiptech provided us with a cloud-based system that automates and integrates with our existing applications, is scalable to grow with our business and enables us to optimise the way we buy and manage fuel, ultimately driving improvements to our bottom line.”
“Shiptech is transforming the way ship operators buy fuel. By purchasing and customising Shiptech, UASC now has a unique end-to-end fuel management system that minimises the impact of fluctuating fuel prices, streamlines the bunker procurement process and delivers operational efficiencies across the company”, said Jean Herve Jenn, CEO of Inatech.

About United Arab Shipping Company

United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) is a global shipping company based in the Middle East. Founded in 1976, UASC is present in more than 75 countries around the world, covering over 200 ports and destinations worldwide. UASC offers containerized and conventional cargo transportation, temperature-controlled cargo and value-added services to a diversified global client base, covering the Middle East, Europe, Mediterranean, Indian Sub-continent, Far East, Australia, West Africa and The Americas.

About Inatech

Inatech ( is a leading global provider of intelligent cloud-enabled and on-premise fuel management systems to the marine industry. It also provides integration, consulting and ERP software to the manufacturing, logistics, supply chain and retail industries. Inatech’s portfolio of IT and ERP products complements its vast experience of successfully managing Oracle and Microsoft Implementations. Clients benefit from an international delivery model that promotes the competitive edge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic markets.