Changing market dynamics are squeezing margins
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Oil trading and wholesale challenges facing today’s oil industry

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The oil trading industry is under immense pressure.

Markets are changing rapidly and today’s traders and wholesalers need to keep pace.

Volatile fuel price changes, unpredictable supply and demand and challenging logistics all threaten their oil trading operations and margins.

With data moving faster and faster, it’s essential for oil traders, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors to have up to the minute insights into the conditions affecting their business. 

How Techoil addresses today’s oil trading challenges

Maximizing profitability and driving efficiency in volatile markets

  • Automate processes from trading and operations to inventory and finance all on one platform.
  • Handle all types of petroleum products including crude, distillates, petrochemicals and bunkers.
  • React to changing markets faster by using integrated proprietary and external market data, dashboards and powerful analytics.
  • Minimize operational and counterparty risk by understanding each supplier’s services and products better.

Ensuring compliance

  • Adopt best practice workflows to manage compliance, meet the strict requirements of market regulators and stakeholders and reduce operational error.

Securing strong supplier relationships

  • Use trading history, trade volumes and contract details to negotiate volume discounts, secure better prices and achieve the best terms when negotiating and buying oil from each supplier.

Managing complex supply chains

  • Manage risk, operate supply chains more efficiently and track PnL even as variables such as inventory levels change.
  • Integrate front, middle and back office activities increasing operational effectiveness.
  • Visualise the supply chain, automate 3rd party communications and transport product efficiently, controlling margins and operational costs.

Maximizing cash flow, managing credit and minimizing exposure

  • Improve cash management by automatically reconciling BoLs, generating invoices, updating credit lines, settlements, PnL and inventory.
  • Improve cash flow forecasts with accurate counterparty credit management, credit control, credit exposure and advanced treasury reports.

Accurately monitor the profit and loss of every trade

  • Easily access trading, sales, inventory and operations data in order to accurately monitor the profit or loss of any given trade or product.
  • Reconcile trades in real-time

Inatech – the energy, trading and

risk management software specialists


To overcome the challenges faced by the industry Inatech developed Techoil ETRM. Techoil provides oil traders, wholesalers, retailers and distributors with the tools needed to streamline operations from procurement, sales and marketing, inventory management, scheduling and distribution, invoicing, through to finance, hedging and trading.

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