8 practical ways to streamline your bunker supply chain management system. - Inatech

Despite rising fuel prices bunker suppliers still face a level of uncertainty within the market, primarily driven by the on-going threat to oil demand from the continued COVID pandemic.

This uncertainty keeps the pressure on bunker suppliers and means they need to continue to find ways to manage and drive cost out of operations.

One area where bunker suppliers can often find savings and improve processes is within their bunker supply chain. These can be complex and usually involve a large number of interdependent but often disparate departments and systems. Such complexity can result in operational inefficiencies, siloed data and limited information around inventory, its cost, location etc, which makes it difficult to accurately price products for onward sales, impacting profitability.

Streamline your bunker supply chain management system using Bunker Management Software.

By deploying the latest Bunker Supply Management Software you can build an effective, integrated end-to-end supply chain management system. A system that delivers the efficiencies and cost savings your business needs in order to remain competitive.

With the very latest cloud-based Bunker Supply Management Software streamline everything from trading to risk management, through to procurement, operations, inventory and sales.

Using the latest Bunker Supply Management Software:

Manage inventory, trading, P&L and operations in real-time.

By having access to such data as inventory volumes, where each product is stored, prices paid and cost of transportation and selling costs you see your full exposure and can assess the P&L of every trade.

Make faster, more informed decisions.

With business information easily accessible across the company and everyone looking at the same data – decision making is quicker and more efficient.

Maximize the use of capital and available credit.

By reconciling orders and using the financial management tools of most Bunker Supply Management Software – you are in control of your finances. You know what credit is available, you can easily manage payments, invoicing etc, and can assess the credit worthiness of customers in order to minimize possible customer bankruptcies.

Streamline operations improving efficiency.

By consolidating multiple processes and different systems using Bunker Supply Management Software you gain valuable insight into operations right across the supply chain improving efficiency and operational effectiveness.

Control your operational costs.

By knowing your actual inventory position and being aware of all inventory expenses you control operational costs.

Optimize inventory management.

With the latest Bunker Supply Management Software gain system wide visibility into feedstock, production, and finished product to achieve optimal inventory levels right across the supply chain.

Manage multiple modes of transport/multiple storage locations.

With an accurate view of logistics options and costs you maximize margins and profitability.

Ensure regulatory compliance.

Using available inbuilt workflows, minimize operational risk.

Here to help you choose the right Bunker Supply Management Software.

With a wide range of Bunker Supply Management Software on the market it’s good to know you can rely on Inatech to provide advice when it comes to choosing the right product for your business.

Inatech works with some of the world’s largest bunkering companies. That means we have a good understanding of the business challenges bunker suppliers face. Combine that with the expertise we have gained by working alongside our parent company, Glencore and you have access to a team of people who bring unique knowledge and experience to the marketplace.

Using that expertise and experience we have developed Bunkertech ETRM – our cloud-based end-to-end Bunker Supply Management System.

It is the smart way for bunker suppliers to effectively manage their complete bunker supply business providing an integrated, real-time view of bunkering operations.

For more information on Bunkertech ETRM – click here.