Volatile fuel prices, limited credit and complex supply chains
how can Inatech help?

Bunker suppliers under pressure


Today’s bunker suppliers face an unprecedented and challenging future.  One that is more complex and unpredictable than ever before.

A market where it is harder to estimate product demand and supply.  

One that involves more regulations, new fuels and new entrants operating with a more sophisticated approach to business. Where credit is scarcer and more difficult to secure.

How Bunkertech addresses today’s bunkering challenges

Managing operations in a complex and volatile market

  • Provides a 360 view of business operations from trading and operations to inventory and finance all on one platform.
  • Know your real-time exposure, fuel quantity/volumes, value of inventory, where it’s stored/located and the profit/loss of each sale.
  • Integrated front, middle and back office activities speeds data sharing and analytics increasing operational effectiveness.

Transparent inventory management

  • Complete view of inventory right across the supply chain
  • Track and monitor inventory movement, value and in-transit movement.
  • Set up and manage a three-way matching process between orders, physical inventory, and order receipts (BoLs).
  • Automatically run gain or loss calculations of daily and monthly inventory.

Addressing regulatory compliance

  • Adopt best practice workflows to manage compliance, meet the strict requirements of market regulators and stakeholders and reduce operational error.

Minimizing business exposure

  • Track market exposure for the entire business, real-time.
  • Create and manage accurate inventory and trading positions using risk mitigating tools.
  • Forecast exposure by location and product for effective hedging.
  • Create and manage counterparty credit exposure and credit limits.

Maximizing liquidity, accessing credit and minimizing exposure to customer bankruptcies.

  • Improve cash flow with a fully integrated accounting system.
  • Secure lines of credit, control exposure, set limits, enable approvals/rejections using counterparty credit management.
  • Manage credit control/approvals in real-time.
  • Automatic reconciliation of invoices, BoL against AP/AR/Cash reduces errors and frees up capital.

Monitoring the PnL of daily transactions

  • Easily access trading, sales, inventory and operations data in order to accurately monitor the profit or loss of any given trade or product.
  • Reconcile trades in real-time
  • Accurate and immediate access to PnL, exposure (calendar and future equivalent view) and counterparty credit data minimizes risk.

Inatech – the bunker risk management system specialists


By working with a large number of bunkering companies, we know what it’s like for today’s bunker suppliers. We understand the business challenges faced and know the kind of bunker risk management system needed to operate effectively in today’s marketplace.

That’s why we have created Bunkertech ETRM a fully integrated energy, trading and risk management decision support platform that gives bunker suppliers the latest technologies, tools, workflows and applications needed to effectively run their entire end-to-end bunkering operation managing everything from PnL, risk, inventory and sales to trading, operations and finance.

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