9 Benefits of Fuel Delivery Software That Will Change the Way You Do Business

The oil and gas industry plays a critical role in fueling global economies. However, reducing production costs and supplying finished products to consumers remains a challenge. With that being said, refined fuel supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, especially when it comes to logistic and procurement operations or processes. Fuel marketers or wholesalers and distributors, bulk buyers, as well as c-store retailers, thus, need to handle gaps in the fuel management operations that directly impact the bottom line of the businesses. 


This warrants the need for fuel delivery software to help you run your business efficiently! Let us understand more about the fuel delivery software and why you need to adopt one. 

What Is a Fuel Delivery Software? 

A fuel delivery software automates scheduling, dispatching, reporting, invoicing, route optimisation, and other critical tasks to ensure on-time fuel delivery. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, effective fuel delivery software comes with the flexibility to address your business needs at all levels. 


Here’s what you can primarily expect from fuel delivery software. 


  • Automation of the entire route planning and optimisation
  • Tracking and optimisation routes in real-time with the easy dispatch of the suitable drivers 
  • Customer notifications and live tracking links for increases visibility
  • Full utilisation of drivers by syncing orders and driver assignments 
  • GPS tracking for driver accountability and activity, improving safety and efficiency
  • Streamlining of fuel and freight invoicing 

Why Do You Need a Fuel Delivery Software 

A fuel delivery system equips different stakeholders to manage multiple fuel management operations on a single, integrated platform. Thus, it helps improve decision-making and overall productivity—improve truck utilisation and driver accountability, reduce the cost of fuel supply, as well as avoid errors and paperwork.

Route Planning Vs. Route Optimisation 

Although used interchangeably in the fuel logistic and procurement process, these terms are significantly different. 


Route planning also known as route mapping or sequencing involves identifying orders and putting multiple order destinations in a sequence that takes the shortest time. Now, it touches all destinations from the point of origin but does not cater to intricacies that can improve your business efficiency, customer satisfaction, and expenses. 


Route optimisation on the other hand involves mapping routes not just based on the distance but also taking into account other nuances such as delivery window, choosing the right driver and the vehicle for a particular delivery, shift timings/patterns, the weight limit and load capacity of the vehicle, drive time, and much more. 


This means if your driver gets sick or you get last-minute requests, you get the agility to accommodate these changes with route optimisation by changing just a few parameters. Plus, it offers scalability as your business grows in size. 

Top 9 Benefits of a Fuel Delivery Software 


A fuel delivery software with dispatch and billing functionalities enables you to streamline the following: 


  1. Enter orders accurately and easily 
  2. Manage inventory effectively 
  3. Plan the best route for cost savings and improved customer satisfaction 
  4. Ensure rapid billing or invoicing with easy-to-use platforms that support automatic calculations of surcharges, insurance, split loads, etc. 
  5. Allow access to electronic bill of ladings (BOL), invoices, and load status in real-time to customers
  6. Handle complex logistics challenges due to traffic patterns, last-minute requests, load capacity, and much more
  7. Improve communication and exchange of information with customers and drivers. 
  8. Monitor driver performance, behaviour, and activity for increased visibility, efficiency, and optimisation  
  9. Minimise invoicing efforts by automatically determining the fuel and freight charges 


Moreover, the software is cloud-native which means minimum IT infrastructure and rapid implementation. 

How Can Inatech Support You

Inatech’s Techoil Dispatch has been specially designed to handle fuel supply chain procurement and logistics processes for fuel marketers or wholesalers and distributors, bulk buyers, and c-store retailers. Powered by advanced analytics, Techoil Dispatch also streamlines the sale of wholesale petroleum products, fuel procurement, order management, driver and vehicle management, freight and fuel invoicing, as well as card and timeline-based dispatch management.


To know more about how Techoil Dispatch can support your business, contact us today!