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Techoil ETRM – Delivering business change.

In today’s marketplace it is essential to react immediately to changing business conditions. However when current systems make that impossible the business suffers.
That was the situation faced by one of our clients, a high quality lubricants blender that distributes its products across the globe.
The company had multiple operations across different regions. It had a complex supply chain and also had complicated business processes. As a result, the company’s existing systems didn’t support the way the business operated. This meant the company couldn’t:

  • Get an accurate daily picture of its inventory position.
  • Predict the exact overhead, agency fees and freight charges associated with each transaction.
  • Or establish the exact profit and loss during the life cycle of each trade.

Inatech’s solution:

The company needed a system that would deliver a real-time, consolidated view of all their business operations. Working within this remit Inatech proposed and delivered a cloud-based solution that included Techoil ETRM and Navision 2016 ERP.

The project covered:

  • The migration of billing, operations, trading, scheduling and corporate accounts into one fully integrated system hosted within the cloud.
  • The migration of users from three locations to one new system.
  • It also included a comprehensive user-training program. The program covered software training and helped users move away from a spreadsheet-based culture to a streamlined workflow based system.

The results:

Techoil ETRM delivered the following results:

  • Fast and accurate decision making based on real-time operational data.
  • Consistent workflows across the company that simplified processes, reduced errors and delivered better customer communications.
  • Reduced market, operational and financial risk as a result of state of the art reporting.
  • A clearer view of the company’s daily inventory position.
  • A cloud-based solution, which also offered improved mobility, security, scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Keen to realise the same benefits for your business?

Then talk to Inatech’s experts and book a demo of Techoil ETRM today.
Techoil ETRM is an intelligent and integrated end-to-end cloud software product for the oil industry. Techoil ETRM helps organisations streamline trading, hedging, credit, cash flow, operations and inventory. It also assists in managing risk and operating complex integrated supply chains for crude products, distillates, petrochemicals and bunkers.