What is Commodity Trading, Transaction and Risk Management(CTRM) software and why do you need it? - Inatech

Put simply CTRM (Commodity Trading, Transaction and Risk Management) software has been designed to automate the processes involved in trading commodities.

When we talk about commodity trading we mean everything from the buying and selling of commodities, to the movement and delivery of those commodities and associated risk management activities.

CTRM software will be made up of a range of applications typically including:

  • Trade and operations.
  • Hedging and risk management.
  • Inventory management and reconciliation.
  • Financial accounting.
  • Reporting/Analytics.

Why do you need CTRM software?

Even in today’s volatile, regulated markets companies are still relying on manual processes to manage commodity trading. This makes decision making slow and inefficient, can result in operational errors, lost and unprofitable trades, difficulty proving compliance and makes managing the overall business inefficient. Implementing the latest CTRM software can solve all these issues.

By installing the latest CTRM software commodity traders can:

  • Manage and trade a wide variety of commodities including all types of petroleum products from crude, distillates, petrochemicals to bunkers – more efficiently.
  • Automate processes from trading, valuations, risk management, inventory, to logistics and finance – reducing errors and saving money.
  • Make better, more informed decisions and control how the business is run.
  • Trade commodities faster, more accurately, and more profitably.
  • Streamline processes and plan better.
  • Adopt best practice workflows to manage compliance and meet the strict requirements of market regulators.
  • Manage risk and operate supply chains more efficiently.
  • Improve cash management and cash flow.
  • Easily access trading, sales, inventory and operations data in order to accurately monitor the profit or loss of any given commodity trade.
  • Integrate front, middle and back office activities increasing operational effectiveness.
  • Have a solution that works across everything from trading to invoicing.

Experts on hand to help you choose the right CTRM software solution.

Commodity trading is part of our DNA, so why not let Inatech help you identify the right CTRM solution for your business needs. Download our latest Techoil product information or book a demo, today.