Game changing fuel management technology
for ship operators

Who is it for ?

Specifically created for all types of operator from dry bulk/cargo, to tanker and containers. Ideally suited for operators of more than 40 vessels.

Transform bunker buying into proactive energy management

Shiptech, Inatech’s end-to-end fuel management software delivers the insights and data shipping companies need to make informed fuel purchasing decisions based on fuel price, quality, compatibility and availability.

At its core is a comprehensive range of applications covering everything from procurement, contracts and planning  to finance, labs, claims and reconciliation.

These easy to use applications give buyers the tools to plan earlier, negotiate more effectively and handle new fuels (0.5%) by fully automating and optimizing the fuel management process.

By combining those apps with sophisticated analytics Shiptech moves the buyer from traditional bunker buying to analytical and proactive energy management.

Shiptech- Top 3 Key Benefits

Streamline and fully automate your complete fuel management processes

Using Shiptech’s comprehensive range of apps – automate the whole RFQ process from creating a request, to handling multiple supplier negotiations, to placing an order, through to recording test samples, to invoicing and if necessary claims management.

Secure the best fuel deals even during market volatility

Compare supplier sales tactics from previous orders, analyze available market prices, fuel quality and compatibility and minimize operational and counterparty risk by understanding each supplier’s services and products better. Use this data to negotiate better and secure the best available deals.

Easily manage finance and reconciliation

Optimize cash flow, maximize available credit, efficiently process and handle invoicing and make your money work for your business.

Why choose Shiptech?

A comprehensive suite of applications integrated to make fuel management effortless.


Transform fuel management to handle regulated markets

Automate processes and deliver insights through advanced analytics improving planning and negotiation. Handle multiple product types and new fuels from HSFO, LSFO, VLSFO (0.5%), ULSFO (0.1%), IFO, sludge and additives.

Extensive contract management

Tailor make contracts using diverse formulas and market instruments. Be on top of your deals.

Secure the highest quality and most compatible fuels

Benchmark suppliers and monitor their performance, claims record and lab results. Track energy content to maintain the highest fuel quality.

Make informed decisions

Manage onboard inventory, access analytics and reporting tools to ensure all decisions are based on the same operational data.

Maximize cash flow and available capital

Improve purchasing power via historical transactions analysis. Speed up dispute resolution through effective claims management. Improve cash forecast and cash management with comprehensive financial accounting tools.

Ensure compliance

Set up best practice workflows and robust auditing systems to manage compliance and reduce operational error.

Shiptech Overview

A specialist end-to-end fuel management system

Shiptech Features and Overview

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